Justice: do we really care

Is justice a mere word to us or does it really care for us go beyond the realities of words and seek to it…..?

Justice: Is it really not just about words or gestures or circumstancial influences, that we reward to justice beyond any and every better best.

To confer the same, I am here to share what I see beyond those shaggy empathies claiming to it. Be it the word’s influence or be it an arena to the societal influences, we do really forget what justice pertains to……don’t we! Our eyes just care to empathize to the randomisation allotted to them by the wordly affairs pertaining to eras bound by actions, and we in scrutiny to the visuals running our errands amaze our essence to reality, and often fail to appreciate an era that aims beyond words and gestures. It’s this empathy to a randomisation, that often we fail to awaken a thought beyond gestures to visualize the idea we really share.