Kahi Unkahi

Aaj phir ek yaad ne dastakk si di
Aaj phir fariyaadon ki aahat suni
Chupchaap si chup chaap thi, aaj phir ek zindagi ne kuch khul kr saans li
Aaj phir inn aakhon ne khwaabon ki tabeer ki
Aaj phir dill ne baaten kuch kahi
Gumnaam si Gumnaam thi,aaj phir ek pehchaan ne zindagi chuni,
Laahaasil si ek ayat thi, yaa ki shayad beyakeeni me baaten kuch hui,kuch yun gumsum si ek yaad ko aaj phir koi raahat mili,chupchaap si chup chap thi,kuch band darwaazon ki kadi
Harre the kuch hum bhi gamm se bhare.
Vo zakhm harre the to kuch hum bhi yun gamm se bhaare the,Ki Aaj yaadon ne haqikat ki shinakht li, kuch yaadon ne tasveer se taabeer jee, Aaj yaadon ne haqikat ki shinakht li!

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Raising containments to imminence to assumptions!!

Astonishing as it may sound, predicaments to one’s staggering conclusions often care to fail their very own condescensions, aiming to amusements often confided to the hidden lapse of something called “the future”, it wouldn’t quite jarr the darling emotions to such entertainments once contained!!

To all that is to be said and done and to all that aims at attentions to our worldly intentions, I often believe our hopes being the only culprit, and yet too frequent to be at ease to any measures by all. With animity to that is afterall unknown and untold, we hold our hopes too high often poisoned at hands of delusions to our opposition to the untoward.

Eminence to the beauty about amateurs one defies, and to the growing atrocities to amusements, often than never does one fail to create apprehensions to certain choices. With us transpiring to something too deep, it gratifies the emotions too steep. And hence it abides, abides to the rules about the caged presence, often than never creating a missionary to self sufficiency as it is. And we behead adorbs to saintly recreations, an arena to delimmas being undone!

To inhibition to the claims about thy choices, one often remorses to ammends too often, to not be disposed off anyway than possible. Aspiring to such emotions we often end at existing to apprehensions, and amusing atrocities rather often. Abdicating to such benevolence we often retract to adolscence, to avoid reminisce to dimensions. Indications to such suppositions fail the intentions and what’s left is ends to a never found beginning alas!

After effects

Sudden or unsudden the implications to failed intentions often haunt the bearings to a future. With darkness in the eyes and uncertain being the ties, failure attempts at content, grief, remorse and fear to any forthcoming slots as such.

One wonder at human nature being too darn to dare such implications anyway, would the attempts at remorse be worth living with or are they just any God forbidden attempts to scarce amusements anyway. One fears such implications and their repurcussions to self built inhibition and yet with attempts made and laid, hands play it all bare. To such self loathing intentions and yet to them being thy soothing intentions, one wonders at impressions hence paid. Is the amount worth afterall, to all those implications laid and after effects to templates paid!

With reassurance to regression, it feels broken than ever at any attempts to imitation. From wondering to such talents one often retracts at bias to impressions about faith and remorse, and yet with an empty hand and benovelence to thy stand it retracts back all again. At attempts too daring than ever, one’s adamant at emission to terror. With broken than ever being the fate and amusing to all the wait, it’s a never-ending journey…………to fear, to guilt, to remorse, to having it all over again, everyday of one’s life with wonders to what it afterall feels like, why would it anyway be like this! It’s a never ending predicament to persuasions, with light none and shunning all that can’t be undone!

It’s fate about faith, faith to all those defiant imitations at “all being well and done”. And yet it’s all over than before about aiming at achievements to worldly attires to profiling to what’s all but shunned! It ain’t gonna go any better anyway, with pretty ties being in the way, to after effects at such means and to agonizing worthy peace, it ain’t gonna go any better by that way.

Hence stunted being the ties, it walks about all lies. With tainted all those ties, it’s amusing hefty bias………at “all being well and done”, it “ain’t any well and done”, to after effects to all that is hence so done, it “ain’t any well and done”.

To after effects to all that is too done, it’s all left soo undone to all that was wanted to be done, it’s all left undone!

And amidst it all…!

There I saw a world, dying hard, preaching dead bodies, craving to graves they all were. And there stood my existence, Out in the dark, with plight to the gay skies pondering upon an emptiness about me, And amidst it all, I found you.

There I saw that world, reproaching my identity as a burden, Intended it no more no less was killing the me I knew. With me trying hard to learn to live to what it all meant. And amidst it all, I found you

With light in the gaze, all beyond the haze. heading hands too warm with love, you lit the identity I stand ahead with. And amidst it all, I found you

And now I walk it all by myself though, in my shoes, I hold the identity you introduced me to. And amidst it all, I found you!!

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Down the memory lane!!

And then yet another gaze down the memory lane, cranky yet happy it went on and on………amateurs to my profound precisions,

And then yet another gaze down the shady lanes, graciously greeting those predilections too lame, And then yet another gaze down my very own memory lane embracing some preferences with blame And then yet another gaze down the memory lane, weeping to embezzlement with shame. And then yet another gaze down the memory lane, greeting the hatred to self tame

And then yet another gaze down the memory lane, briefing the emotions once gained And then yet another gaze down the precious lanes, residing roots to resentment once defamed And then yet another gaze down the memory lane, rejoicing fuzzy intentions once claimed

And then yet another gaze, down the remote areas to gulible emmergence by the worldly attentions that reign And then yet another gaze recreating intentions too deary to let go vain And then yet another gaze down the dusky sillihoute to impressions in pain And then yet another gaze down the gestures to lovable virtuals too sane. And then yet another gaze down the dusty lane, embracing embodiments to recreations insane And then yet another gaze down the memory lane, preciously mesmerizing appareal to fame, And then yet another gaze down that memory lane, to becoming a beauty too plain and then yet another gaze down the memory lane!!!!!

And little do I know…..

With the adamant uplifts bequeathing beneficence, it still stood their upright to the obvious yet hateful defiance…………..little did I know of the polishing preposterous behaviors………for all it could come over with were those visuals running the errands about its breakthrough!

With scars soo deep and stars so bright……..I existed almost a simplton bewitching to the realities…..little did I know of the world I surround…….it was all with scars soo deep and stars so bright, with hearts so warm yet hands that cried!

the world that prayed, and warmth just sighed, Adamant to a benevolence often cried, the heart wouldn’t wish for a brighter night………….with scars too deep and stars that bright, my heart existed to a taller night. Breaching that aristocracy to the meagre price, what little did I know!!!

For m done being the keeper this one time…..!

From audacites to realities,
It burdens me and I outshine,
It strengthens me and I don’t defy!
Yet, it tortures me and I never do try
guess what’s worth it makes it even harder,
to find the worth of taking it further, makes it even harder
it’s true but dusty, it’s gay and dusky
from audacities to realities,it burdens me and I don’t die

From shines to deep dark divines, It binds me, and I fail to untie, It outreaches me, and I aint go any farther ties From cries to beneath those beauty of minds, it questions me and I don’t imply It breaks me and I can’t no cry From audacities to realities………….m done being the keeper this one time, I guess what’s all is this one last time………………and m done being the keeper afterall these times!!

Justice: do we really care

Is justice a mere word to us or does it really care for us go beyond the realities of words and seek to it…..?

Justice: Is it really not just about words or gestures or circumstancial influences, that we reward to justice beyond any and every better best.

To confer the same, I am here to share what I see beyond those shaggy empathies claiming to it. Be it the word’s influence or be it an arena to the societal influences, we do really forget what justice pertains to……don’t we! Our eyes just care to empathize to the randomisation allotted to them by the wordly affairs pertaining to eras bound by actions, and we in scrutiny to the visuals running our errands amaze our essence to reality, and often fail to appreciate an era that aims beyond words and gestures. It’s this empathy to a randomisation, that often we fail to awaken a thought beyond gestures to visualize the idea we really share.