Ideas to a virtued self

It is often abominable conceit at hands of self sufficiency to reprehend reasonings to summation by appreciations. To all those amiable apprehensions and to certainties about them, I wonder at the stipulations to individual self and to the art at ceding to them.  Amazed at such condescensions, I go about a world too deep toContinue reading “Ideas to a virtued self”

To Stop pushing any further……….!

To often than before, the consistence about attaining to attentions desired, we push too hard and hate to realise the after effects, to pushing. When tired and torn, we breach the bond…………….with what’s left is our arrangements at blame games, and self tame ending it all too hard.To such conclusion, and none realisation, we adjurnContinue reading “To Stop pushing any further……….!”

Raising containments to imminence to assumptions!!

Astonishing as it may sound, predicaments to one’s staggering conclusions often care to fail their very own condescensions, aiming to amusements often confided to the hidden lapse of something called “the future”, it wouldn’t quite jarr the darling emotions to such entertainments once contained!! To all that is to be said and done and toContinue reading “Raising containments to imminence to assumptions!!”

Down the memory lane!!

And then yet another gaze down the memory lane, cranky yet happy it went on and on………amateurs to my profound precisions, And then yet another gaze down the shady lanes, graciously greeting those predilections too lame, And then yet another gaze down my very own memory lane embracing some preferences with blame And then yetContinue reading “Down the memory lane!!”

And little do I know…..

With the adamant uplifts bequeathing beneficence, it still stood their upright to the obvious yet hateful defiance…………..little did I know of the polishing preposterous behaviors………for all it could come over with were those visuals running the errands about its breakthrough! With scars soo deep and stars so bright……..I existed almost a simplton bewitching to theContinue reading “And little do I know…..”

For m done being the keeper this one time…..!

From audacites to realities,It burdens me and I outshine,It strengthens me and I don’t defy!Yet, it tortures me and I never do tryguess what’s worth it makes it even harder,to find the worth of taking it further, makes it even harderit’s true but dusty, it’s gay and duskyfrom audacities to realities,it burdens me and IContinue reading “For m done being the keeper this one time…..!”