Somethings unachieved are yet soo achieved in their own way!

And to my suprise I started my night duty yesterday with this beautiful and happy news!! Thank you soo much to all those beautiful readers out there who have been a constant support in achieving this, I don’t have words to express this guys……………when I started this blog I thought I might not be ableContinue reading “Somethings unachieved are yet soo achieved in their own way!”

The other half to my half🌈

Late miss Kalinda Singh, january 23rd, 1970- june 22nd, 2010 ,eternal love of Jake Willow, it read, and Alice found all the answers to her questions, she now knew that he was already taken and respected that! It’s been 10 long years since that day, and he still doesn’t forget it all…………he now is aContinue reading “The other half to my half🌈”


जिंदगी तो जिंदगी है, जिंदगी बस जिंदादिली है, क्योंकि जिंदगी ज़िंदादिलों से ही तो बनी है। कभी हर हफ्ते के आखिर में पापा से मिलने वाली उस पॉकेट मनी सी सुनहरी, तो कभी महीने के अंत में झांकते खर्चों की फेहरियत सी बड़ी है, क्योंकि जिंदगी तो जिंदगी है कभी आलू के पकौड़ों की प्लेटContinue reading “जिंदगी…..”

A hut…….!

“Love, cannot surely be the simplest of feelings of course, but love is yet the most desired of all the feelings anyway………..he dared to exclaim through expression and actions, so simple yet so deep to be denied or neglected……….and so respectful in reality,” said the book’s introduction. She was impressed by the book’s cover, butContinue reading “A hut…….!”