कह दूंगी

कभी हकीकत कभी ख्वाब, कभी याद कभी हालत मेरी ख्वाहिश में अक्सर डूब कर रह जाता है हर वजूद का जवाब। कह दूंगी मैं भी हकीकत कभी, या चुप रह जाऊंगी,या शायद बस यादों के झरोखे से छुप कर ही देख आऊंगी, देख आऊंगी उस वक्त की कहानी, जब वक्त के हवालों से हुई थीContinue reading “कह दूंगी”

Just a word 🙂

Just a word to everybody out there loosing hope and especially to ppl of my own medical fraternity……………we knw we’re worth it, so let’s not forget that!! Like, share, follow and find me on the other side to the known to knw more about my versions to reality ✌️!

Odd times, odd measures!!

To all that has been done and is still being through…………COVID 19 is not just a health care issue, but a crisis to our society and togetherness…….and as a health care worker, I see and suffer what all my patients suffer and to all that…….. I’d say we’re worth it, with all our attempted achievements,Continue reading “Odd times, odd measures!!”