Journey to your lover

“21st of January, 1984                                         Today I saw her for the very first time, I wonder what she looked like if only her voice was that beautiful……….I hope someday I meet her finally!” Alice read as she turned on all the pages, her enthusiasm had no extremes!! Her dad was a very responsible father, but she wouldn’t ever think that he had some wishes left unfulfilled too!!

“Good morning Alice dear, so how was your weekend with your friends………did you have fun dear…”, he asked as he laid breakfast on the dining table! Alice was his only child and he tried to provide for her in the best possible ways he could, as he was the only one for her. Alice’s mother Diane died 2years after her birth, but her dad never tried to fill that place by replacing someone else. But today seeing those letters she realised how hard it must have been for her father to do so, to let go of the love of his life for her happiness. It was Alice’s graduation next week and her father had promised to get her the best gift possible………but now she had decided to get him his gift, his lost love!

Alice packed her bags and decides to go on a voyage to find his father’s lost love, just with the help of those letters!

She traces the address to those undelivered letters and tries to find his father’s, lost love!

And when she finally meets his lost love, she is but overwhelmed to know the lady in person whom his father had loved so wholeheartedly. She introduces her to those undelivered letters and to all those beautiful feelings her father had hidden inside him for so long. As she talks to Rachael she realises that she too had something lost and broken inside her and soon discovers about the death of her husband just 2 years after their marriage. She also understands that Racheal was not so wholly unaware of her father, his secret admirer and had always wished to know him more, but she never got to know him any better!

Soon before they realise they had started to share a bond with each other already, and Alice finally succeeds in convincing Racheal to accompany her to finally meet her secret admirer. It was a tough decision for Racheal though, but she decides to finally gather up the courage and take the road she’s only dreamt of choosing over these years of solitude.

On her graduation day, she arrives with her and surprises her father for a lifetime, he can’t believe to see her in front of his eyes……! He discovers that she too has had all those years in solitude, just by herself as her husband, who was a militant died 2 years after their marriage.

2 months later, Alice is back on a vacation from her college to attend her father’s wedding, as she had to be Racheal’s bridesmaids for nobody else would do it any better than the person responsible for them finally finding their lost love in each other!

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