Kaali syahi

Catherine and Kalyani’s love was a difference in the era, as it created a difference in the era!!

“Hi” her notifications popped up a message on her friendbook account from an unknown person. Kalyani opened it and replied with a smiley 😊!

“Hey there, this is Catherine, I saw your profile and I must say, your pictures are beautiful!!” She received another message from that unknown person, seeing this her heart filled with joy. She clicked on it to view the profile, and seeing Catherine’s pictures she couldn’t resist her intention to know her more, she clicked on the follow button and soon a chain of conversations started between them!!

Catherine a girl of 23, had just now moved to Varanasi because of her job! She was a native of Goa, a graduate in English literature, who was now working as a librarian in Varanasi. Kalyani was a college student doing her graduation in history in a government college in Varanasi, she was engaged already to be married to her neighbour’s son soon after her graduation! Catherine caught a glimpse of her at the library and tried reaching out to her, to know more about her from there on! There was a pretty charm in her eyes and a sparkle in her presence that Catherine could not resist!

From exchanging pleasantries to long conversations, from long conversations to neverending meetings, their bond went stronger day by day and they wouldn’t even realise. They both had become special to each other in their special way, but little did they understand, this bond they shared…………it was innocent and naive but it was built on a strong constitution they knew, and as the days went by it wasn’t too long before Kalyani finished her graduation and her marriage date was to be fixed. Catherine wouldn’t approve of her fiance ever since she came to know about him, but it wasn’t because he wouldn’t approve of her and Kalyani’s friendship but because she couldn’t settle to the thought that he had to be the judge to every decision Kalyani wished to make and a confident girl like Kalyani would have to be willing to give up on her choices just because she was expected to do so, little did she know that it wasn’t just that but something very different and special in its very own way that made her reluctant of accepting Gobind as Kalyani’s future husband.

As the marriage date came closer Kalyani and Catherine’s ideas began to differ, they would argue all day long just in the pursuit of making one another understand what was right of each other. Catherine would vouch that Kalyani’s fiance wasn’t the right one for her and Kalyani would argue that it was in the best of Catherine’s interest to not interfere in the way her society was supposed to run her life. On the marriage day, Kalyani was upset as she knew ever since she didn’t want this marriage either but she was helpless, she wanted her closest person to be with her to help her move forward with this, but Catherine was stubborn and decided she would now take the matters into her own hands. She reached Kalyani’s house to help her elope. Kalyani exhibited fury even though this was the thing she wanted the most, she still knew she wouldn’t take that risk, to ruin her family’s reputation and respect and tarnish her character too!

Soon as they were arguing, they heard the noise and realised that the groom’s family was approaching the wedding hall. “Ok……….so you think you can do this right, well then look down the window, see and tell me if you think you have the courage to do this. Kalyani, look me in the eye and say it and I promise I will lead you through it, despite my unwillingness for this,” said Catherine. And Kalyani hugged her tight as she broke into tears, and her tears expressed it all. Well there was no going back from it now, as they hugged each other they broke into each other’s arms and a thunderstorm of emotions reached down their spines……….and their eyes said what was left unsaid until now. They realized they were not just friends but so much more, Catherine held Kalyani’s hand and ran out of that place, there was a spark in her eyes……….she knew she would do anything to protect her lover.

Soon Kalyani’s mother came in to take her to the mandap and realizing she was not there, she went furious and reproached every place in the hall to search for her………just as she was beginning to fear the end of all this, the guard came in and informed everybody that he saw Kalyani with a girl in a white dress running out of the wedding hall………they were holding hands, as they ran out.

The groom went furious, and all the groom’s side went behind the two with their loaded guns and flambeau in their hands. Meanwhile, Kalyani and Catherine went to the nearby church to get married. They hid in the church while they heard the noises and realised everyone was after them, but not for long……..the groom threatened them, and they had to come out . It wasn’t late before the truth was out that they were lovers and are married now. Out of shame from her daughter’s actions, Kalyani’s father disowned her, saying that she and her deeds were a black spot to there family and there future. The groom…………in his pursuit of seeking revenge decided to teach the two a lesson, he and his friends raped and burnt them alive in the church perimeter.

It seemed that not always is true love up for a happy ending, but it wasn’t late before the local college students and Kalyani’s batchmates found out the truth and fought for the two. Soon the groom, his family and friends were all arrested and love finally reached its eternal end. Kalyani and Catherine’s love story was an inspiration to all the lovers who would not dare to choose love over societal obligations and it wasn’t a black spot they were expected to be ashamed it, it infact was the truth that they chose to accept above all!

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4 Replies to “Kaali syahi”

  1. I loved reading this story! It’s cool of you to give a shout out against societal obligations.. thank you for posting this.πŸ’–πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ


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