Lost in the imagery of worldly attires, their still existed a faith I desired
Beneath the ties through which I respired, there still exist that something for which I aspired

Dear sibling, your attention was the legislate from which I never retired
Despite your amateurs to let it all in a satire, my apprehending imagery to happy ties never retired

Fading in mist of what my intellect desired, I still had some faith that never retired
Intending to recreate an era that we once leisured I still held my faith and my gloomy desire

But then beyond and ahead all that you desired, my faith almost intended it should finally retire
With remorse being my only attire you still let it all in a satire

Dear sibling I was the one you once desired, then what made you believe you had to retire With faith heading high I still wish to aspire, why I wouldn’t let you out with your very own desire.

With bias now in all my attires, I don’t believe I wish to entertain your willfully sinful satires
Though still lost in the imagery of worldly attires, I think I am losing the faith I once so desired!!

Out with a new post. Just as days go by I notice a changing imagery to our relationships, while we’re so lost with our so called nuclear families we forget that as brothers and sisters, we were each other’s family too and now all we are is just yet another relation and not relationship. Well this is me writing a poem from my future self to my sibling, just to remind us that we are not just a relation but a relationship we chose above all at yet certain times. Don’t forget to read, like, share and follow for me.

Will be waiting you all readers at the other side to life, to share it as I see it through the darkness. Amigos✌️✌️

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