That falcon beneath fear

It’s that falcon to my freedom, and the defiant fear to stardom, It’s that brightness about creations and the darkness to some relations,     

It’s about that hatred to thy merriment, and yet the fearful allegations, It’s about some reasonings, and repercussions to those reasonings,     

It’s about predilections to amusements to the contrasts of achievements, It’s about consistency to the accusation, from recreations and effortless pavements to attempting to those recreations  It’s about a falcon underlying what one pertains to be fear, yet fades to be about nothing at all!!                  

It’s that falcon to my freedom with fears to that stardom It’s that falcon slaying it all, underneath those dusky lanes and imagery to all that so often fails It’s a falcon to one’s profound precision, and yet what fades to those expectations……..!

It’s that falcon to my freedom and fear to the inconsistently mesmerizing stardom!!!

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