She was strong enough

“23rd April, 2010       

I found her dead in her room, hanging to the roof through her dupatta. It wasn’t too long before I had seen her for the first time and now this, I can’t believe this happened!! I couldn’t sleep since 3 nights, what could have been the cause to all this, I can’t rest it,ether day or night. Everytime I close my eyes I see her glittering smile flashing through my thoughts. I need to find out who did this to her, I just hope Abigail understands me!!” His father read this in his diary and was all helpless and confused. Who was this lady he was talking about and why would he give up on his own wedding for somebody he just met a few times. But Abigail understood, she knew Will was a sensitive guy, and concerned himself with everyone’s pain and problems and it was his strongest trait, and therefore she would support him blindly!

Will’s neighbour Agamyaa, was found dead in her apartment a week ago and Will being an attorney suspected some foul play and wanted to help Agamyaa get justice, so he postponed his own wedding and started running background checks.

Will went to Agamyaa’s house umptienth times, everytime he thought he had come up with a breakthrough but it was all in vain. It was almost 15months now but he still wasn’t able to get to the truth of it. He felt helpless and agitated, he was disappointed in himself , and his family was also starting to get skeptic at this obsession , they were not able to understand why he would go on and on singing the same song, even when the police have ruled it as a suicide. One fine morning Will felt helpless and was convinced by his family to give up on this case, but wanted to visit her grave one last time .He read what was written in her grave stone, “It’s not always happy endings afterall”, this clicked something in his mind and he went on to check some files on her case again, there was something missing in those, he went back to her place to search for it and found the diary he was looking for and some unfinished letters behind the attic, he went on to read those and was shocked at what he discovered……!

My death Note                                                            

I never want the world to know the reason behind my death, for when they know they might as well be ashamed of their existence, but it’s more likely that they might find ways to still be existing as their own selves, those SHAMELESS VULTURES”. They knw how to use anything and everything, because for them their is no difference in a dead body and a prop and they could still find ample ways to consider my body too as one,with tears at one time and shamlessness at the very same time.. he kept on reading!!

He was ashamed to read the whole letter, he realised how loneliness and depression took Agamyaa’s life, he realised he was not wrong…it was afterall a murder……….and they were all to be blamed for it, for they all chose their busy lives over someone’s Mental health and well being. Will finally realised why he was so obsessed with this case and why he wanted justice for his neighbour, for he wanted to make a change, and out of the ashes rose a motivation to finally stand before the world and make that change.

20years later Will’s daughter found these letters and diary, she read about the lady who changed a lot in everyone’s lives…….!!

Will and Abigail now run an NGO, which helps people with mental health issues to come forward and find the help they need!

Hi everyone, the other side to the known is out with a new post, here I’m introducing a different short story. To a little on the most neglected aspects of our lives…………Mental health and well being!! Don’t forget to check it out, like, share, follow and comment me your views, I’d be happy to hear them out🤗✌️! Join me on the other side to the known, where I share life as I see it through the darkness!!!✌️✌️✌️ 

12 Replies to “She was strong enough”

  1. Darkness within the lives of those who suffer most needs revealing for what it it real is..

    Because this is a fight from within in which cannot be won..

    Unless we understand learn the depths of darkness..

    In which unknown to us all, actually exists my friend.. 🙏😇👌


    1. Yes very true, and as not only a motivational writer but as a doctor too, I believe nobody should be believed to be alone in dealing with this. Thank uh for ur visit and beautiful insight on my post. Happy to have as a reader✌️


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