Somethings unachieved are yet soo achieved in their own way!

And to my suprise I started my night duty yesterday with this beautiful and happy news!!

Thank you soo much to all those beautiful readers out there who have been a constant support in achieving this, I don’t have words to express this guys……………when I started this blog I thought I might not be able to do it, or if I’m able to do it I might not do it just right……….but over these 8 months journey with all my beautiful readers at the other side to the known I realised that it’s ok for me not to be a perfectionist (which by the way I always try to be🤭🤭🙈) and my little attempts were greeted by many beautiful opinions and many different thoughts and versions to my thoughts were shared through your comments in the comment section! This just made me remind that quality matters more than quantity and it always will…….once again THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR JOINING ME ON THE OTHER SIDE TO THE KNOWN! And I hope to entertain your beautiful views at my write ups in future too!! Thank you everyone✌️🥰🥰🙏

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