The other half to my half🌈

Late miss Kalinda Singh, january 23rd, 1970- june 22nd, 2010 ,eternal love of Jake Willow, it read, and Alice found all the answers to her questions, she now knew that he was already taken and respected that! It’s been 10 long years since that day, and he still doesn’t forget it all…………he now is a successful entrepreneur, a father to 2 kids whom he raised after they were abandoned by their birth parents.While he tries to be busy with a happily ever after life, he’s still haunted by those memories from the past, which take him to a flashback to that day all over again!

“Hlo, can you please give me these flowers miss…….” , seeing her face his lips stumbled and words fumbled. He could not understand it all, she seemed like a woman, even looked like one but there was still something different!!

Kalinda was different, she was an Indian whose parents now settled in the US, born on a rainy night, she was an only child to her parents who refused to accept her reality and abandoned her. She was brought up by The Saint Mary’s nuns, who raised her just right to be a lady!!

Jake’s looks made her embarrassed, but he was helpless……it was the very first time he had seen somebody soo beautiful yet so different. She had hair like silk that run down her cheeks, her ruby lips as pink as roses……..her eyes as bright as the sun and her hands firm as that of a man. He was very instilled by her looks and mesmerised by the glow of her presence!                                                    

Kalinda although still felt embarrassed, and thought he was also judging her just like other people and he though a boy of nine, respected her and even enjoyed her presence, and from there on started to visit her everyday, she at first questioned it but then slowly started to enjoy it too!

They shared a bond too different to be defined by words, he would share everything he couldn’t say to anybody else with her and she out of curiosity entertained his innocent desires by her presence, as he was the only one she had who would actually like her company. As days went by Jake grew older and fonder of her company, which now started to become a point of question for all, they started questioning and accusing her, as it was hard for them to accept the fact that a 35yr old transgender and a 18yr old boy could actually be friends, and Kalinda had no explanation for all this, and started to ignore him but Jake was firm in his decision that nothing could convince him to avoid Kalinda’s company or her friendship.

It was Jake’s graduation party, and he  had no partner to go with, his friends tried helping, but he was reluctant!!

In the end he finally went with one of his batch mates, she thought it to be something special and started having expectations, but it all turned out to be different as whenever he tried to be around her all he could think of was Kalinda, and he finally realised, he had the answer to Kalinda’s question, about who she was to him and what was their relationship. And he rushed to her place to finally confess his love for her, but by the time he reached there, it was too late!

He saw her gone away too far in front of his eyes, piece by piece his soul mate was gone too far before he realised, the only thing he could remember was why Kalinda feared what people thought of her and of this bond they shared, for she knew that these people had the courage and power to break them apart. Kalinda was found dead in her house, for she couldn’t bear the shame of being questioned by people as to how she could fall in love, like she really owed them any explanation, an explanation that she never had!

He used to visit that place, again and again, for he knew he couldn’t find courage to visit her grave but today, after 20 long years of wait he is finally having the courage to stand at her grave and rejoice her presence by the beautiful winds embracing him deeply yet gently, today he can lay hand in hand with his lover, for he requested his son to mark his grave just by her side in his suicide note. Today, his promise to raise a good human life to her was complete, and they could finally be together for eternity owing nobody any explanation!

My message: Pride month by the lgbtq community, is to know who they are and to still know how to be proud of it, and since we humans are just figurative to imperfection, we are not the judge to question anybody of the way their life takes the turns, and we should not, so let’s just not! Happy pride month✌🌈🌈

Hi everyone, the other side to the known is out with a new post, here I’m introducing a different short story. Also I would like to draw the message that my post or message through this post does not infer any personal feelings or disrespect for anybody from this society and I have respect for all people of the society. Don’t forget to check it out, like, share, follow and comment me your views, I’d be happy to hear them out🤗✌️! Join me on the other side to the known, where I share life as I see it through the darkness!!!✌️✌️✌️ 

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  1. I really liked the story. Glad you could find time to write such a beautiful post for those people and make a difference in us, readers minds too!

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