A hut…….!

“Love, cannot surely be the simplest of feelings of course, but love is yet the most desired of all the feelings anyway………..he dared to exclaim through expression and actions, so simple yet so deep to be denied or neglected……….and so respectful in reality,” said the book’s introduction. She was impressed by the book’s cover, but reading this she dropped the book back on the shelf and left the shop, for work.

“I wouldn’t wish to inconvenience you or suspend any pleasure of yours, for I would rather hope to have it all to me instead”, he exclaimed helping her with the big bunch of files in her hand and she with a shock in her eyes and yet an acceptance in her inside, stared as he left her side. Accounts such as these were surely a pure astonishment to her indeed, but all she could do anyway was to not befriend any unfriendly intention at this moment, and such she did!

This was obviously not their first encounter, but surely the first actual encounter. He was amongst the leading entrepreneurs of the country and she being an aspiring business student, out of curiosity had known so much of his professional attires through media and news, but all that she saw and heard today was astonishing and yet she wasn’t in any possible state to deny it all. 

She was new in the fraternity, a straightforward, hardworking person with a dominant and leading personality, and all she cared for was hard work and accomplishments. Her quiet nature and tyrant attitude were a contrast to her hard-working nature, for which she was often praised and appreciated. And it was only 3 months since her joining that she might soon be given a promotion for all that the company could benefit from her creative mind and hard-working attitude. 

“It’s two weeks since the BKM corporation project’s tender was out, we are throwing a success party to celebrate our successful journey with BKM corporations Pvt Ltd, tonight is a day for celebrations and to mark success”, the notice read with her name as the head who will be leading the project. He read it with cold lips, but a smiling heart. It’s been almost 4 months since they first met officially, their eyes said so much and yet words were often scarce. They had a thunderstorm of thoughts rushing in their inside whenever their paths crossed and yet they never spoke, ever since that very day. 

The party started and guests began to join in, soon after all the hush bush, the MD called her upon and introduced her to the crowd, it was the day of celebrations for her.

She had come too far and just in hope for such a day and it was all finally here, everybody came closer and started to congratulate her, but her eyes were empty. It wasn’t too late before, one of the guests noticed a ring in her ring finger and grabbed the opportunity to congratulate her, it was a reminder to her empty eyes and not so empty life, and just then, he joined in too with a lady in a green saree and a little boy. She guessed it in an instant though as to who they were. Their paths crossed, eyes met and all that was never said was finally said. 

Soon after the party was about to get over and almost all the guests had left, it was only work people all around……..they crossed paths again, near the lift. He offered her a drink, and she accepted it…….they drank and sat together all night, and never said a word and soon fell asleep in each other’s arms. The daylight fell on her face, and he tried preventing it by covering her with his coat. He got up, kept a note by her side and left.                

She woke up and realised what happened the previous night, and a rush of confusing emotions under her breath. She noticed that he was not there, saw a note in the pocket of the coat, picked up the note and read, ” I saw you, on a rainy day, on the road the very first time, you were but all trying to protect your books from the rain, as you ran under a shed. I was mesmerized by the charm in your eyes, and I owed you respect for a lifetime, for all that you had in your eyes to get to your dreams reminded me a lot about myself 10 years ago, standing right there under that same shed and of the efforts I had done to reach here. It was that instant that made me realise how alike we are and yet how distant we are………! Tonight was special for you, I could read it in your eyes, and it was special to me too………… for it was nice talking to you after all! I wish you all the happiness in life.” His name was signed under, and with an expressionless sigh on her face, but a smiling heart she too left. On her way back she grabbed that same book and went home smiling.

All that was left behind was the poster of ” A hut” under which they shared so much the world wouldn’t see!  

Hi everyone, the other side to the known is out with a new post, here I’m introducing my very first short story. Don’t forget to check it out, like, share, follow and comment me your views, I’d be happy to hear them out🤗✌️! Join me on the other side to the known, where I share life as I see it through the darkness!!!✌️✌️✌️       

48 Replies to “A hut…….!”

  1. I would not have thought this was your first short story… you must have subconsciously been ‘thinking’ short stories for years… I enjoyed it, especially how you showed it was not necessary to use titillation, or the breaking up of a family to make a good readable story…

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    1. How wonderful………..well I wish to have a library of my own someday……….where I could compile all the wonderful pieces I love to read✌️. I hope you could make it happen for you ☺️


  2. Nice sharing dear.
    I agree love we can’t buy with money. But in this world mother’s love is pure love I think.
    Thanks for sharing nice content.

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