Behind all happy ties lies a shadow, hiding the truthful minds. Hard as it is, one never finds it, and waiting and waiting and waiting makes it even harder to carry forward with those burdened yet pretty ties.

It’s the shadow to burdens, the shadow to embezzlement, the shadow to abundance ance about all that is left unsaid, and to all the wrong that is after all said and the right that’s never heard …….!

Yet there are times, when we’re but amazed at the shadows to nothingness with amateurs to purity. Wondering at the condescensions to acquity with prejudice and yet dropping it all to nothingness………… relinquishes to running the errands often undone.
That amazement is often left being too deep to darn its after effects, and hence left surrounding…….yet another version at creating what’s often than worth that nothingness and its shadows adamant at reality.

And yet beyond and against all that stands a wealthy intent, to retaliations, to imitations, to ambush revelations to the consistent horizons about self. Then shadowed becomes the impression, and darkened is the attention to burdens to responsibilities concluding it all with a sigh and all that ends is but a why!

A why to the darkened lies, a why to what’s more than just whys with answers none suffice.

Hi everyone, please read and if you like it, share, follow and comment me your views, I’d be happy to hear them out🤗✌️, lemme me knw your versions of dealing with those shadows ✌️! Thank you☺️

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