To Stop pushing any further……….!

To often than before, the consistence about attaining to attentions desired, we push too hard and hate to realise the after effects, to pushing. When tired and torn, we breach the bond…………….with what’s left is our arrangements at blame games, and self tame ending it all too hard.
To such conclusion, and none realisation, we adjurn to the same cycle, after and ever, well before understanding as to when the cycle starts to run us. I often feel scared, at human tendency to conclusions, to attentions, to attachments and then again to conclusions to their contemplation, to these sacred tendencies and to their amusements. Attentions to such conclusions darn us to the self sufficiency we respire around, with all that’s left being disobliging complications and none conclusions.

To amateurs to these tendencies, we often defy what’s worth and aspire through the dark.
I conclude to never conclude, what’s beyond and let it conclude what’s coming forth, to wait the wait and to not agonize the dark. To stop pushing it afterall, to let it play too safe to be true, for what’s worth to be anyway attained.

12 Replies to “To Stop pushing any further……….!”

  1. Interesting thoughts – made me think about it. Really well written – will read more posts from your blog! 🙂


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