Raising containments to imminence to assumptions!!

Astonishing as it may sound, predicaments to one’s staggering conclusions often care to fail their very own condescensions, aiming to amusements often confided to the hidden lapse of something called “the future”, it wouldn’t quite jarr the darling emotions to such entertainments once contained!!

To all that is to be said and done and to all that aims at attentions to our worldly intentions, I often believe our hopes being the only culprit, and yet too frequent to be at ease to any measures by all. With animity to that is afterall unknown and untold, we hold our hopes too high often poisoned at hands of delusions to our opposition to the untoward.

Eminence to the beauty about amateurs one defies, and to the growing atrocities to amusements, often than never does one fail to create apprehensions to certain choices. With us transpiring to something too deep, it gratifies the emotions too steep. And hence it abides, abides to the rules about the caged presence, often than never creating a missionary to self sufficiency as it is. And we behead adorbs to saintly recreations, an arena to delimmas being undone!

To inhibition to the claims about thy choices, one often remorses to ammends too often, to not be disposed off anyway than possible. Aspiring to such emotions we often end at existing to apprehensions, and amusing atrocities rather often. Abdicating to such benevolence we often retract to adolscence, to avoid reminisce to dimensions. Indications to such suppositions fail the intentions and what’s left is ends to a never found beginning alas!

8 Replies to “Raising containments to imminence to assumptions!!”

  1. What did I read! Marvellous.
    You are really a word-smith.
    It’s not just reciprocation really loved your writing style.
    Do keep posting more. Will be reading all your posts.


  2. I loved the way you wrote about the intricacies that we never thought we could touch and feel from the inside .It’s like poetry threading to my heart !!Loved it .Keep writing !!💜


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