After effects

Sudden or unsudden the implications to failed intentions often haunt the bearings to a future. With darkness in the eyes and uncertain being the ties, failure attempts at content, grief, remorse and fear to any forthcoming slots as such.

One wonder at human nature being too darn to dare such implications anyway, would the attempts at remorse be worth living with or are they just any God forbidden attempts to scarce amusements anyway. One fears such implications and their repurcussions to self built inhibition and yet with attempts made and laid, hands play it all bare. To such self loathing intentions and yet to them being thy soothing intentions, one wonders at impressions hence paid. Is the amount worth afterall, to all those implications laid and after effects to templates paid!

With reassurance to regression, it feels broken than ever at any attempts to imitation. From wondering to such talents one often retracts at bias to impressions about faith and remorse, and yet with an empty hand and benovelence to thy stand it retracts back all again. At attempts too daring than ever, one’s adamant at emission to terror. With broken than ever being the fate and amusing to all the wait, it’s a never-ending journey…………to fear, to guilt, to remorse, to having it all over again, everyday of one’s life with wonders to what it afterall feels like, why would it anyway be like this! It’s a never ending predicament to persuasions, with light none and shunning all that can’t be undone!

It’s fate about faith, faith to all those defiant imitations at “all being well and done”. And yet it’s all over than before about aiming at achievements to worldly attires to profiling to what’s all but shunned! It ain’t gonna go any better anyway, with pretty ties being in the way, to after effects at such means and to agonizing worthy peace, it ain’t gonna go any better by that way.

Hence stunted being the ties, it walks about all lies. With tainted all those ties, it’s amusing hefty bias………at “all being well and done”, it “ain’t any well and done”, to after effects to all that is hence so done, it “ain’t any well and done”.

To after effects to all that is too done, it’s all left soo undone to all that was wanted to be done, it’s all left undone!

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