And little do I know…..

With the adamant uplifts bequeathing beneficence, it still stood their upright to the obvious yet hateful defiance…………..little did I know of the polishing preposterous behaviors………for all it could come over with were those visuals running the errands about its breakthrough!

With scars soo deep and stars so bright……..I existed almost a simplton bewitching to the realities…..little did I know of the world I surround…….it was all with scars soo deep and stars so bright, with hearts so warm yet hands that cried!

the world that prayed, and warmth just sighed, Adamant to a benevolence often cried, the heart wouldn’t wish for a brighter night………….with scars too deep and stars that bright, my heart existed to a taller night. Breaching that aristocracy to the meagre price, what little did I know!!!

Published by Dr Yashica Sharma

I just believe in the idea of being the version I can respect and look upon to. A bibliophile turned medico!!

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