She was strong enough

“23rd April, 2010       

I found her dead in her room, hanging to the roof through her dupatta. It wasn’t too long before I had seen her for the first time and now this, I can’t believe this happened!! I couldn’t sleep since 3 nights, what could have been the cause to all this, I can’t rest it,ether day or night. Everytime I close my eyes I see her glittering smile flashing through my thoughts. I need to find out who did this to her, I just hope Abigail understands me!!” His father read this in his diary and was all helpless and confused. Who was this lady he was talking about and why would he give up on his own wedding for somebody he just met a few times. But Abigail understood, she knew Will was a sensitive guy, and concerned himself with everyone’s pain and problems and it was his strongest trait, and therefore she would support him blindly!

Will’s neighbour Agamyaa, was found dead in her apartment a week ago and Will being an attorney suspected some foul play and wanted to help Agamyaa get justice, so he postponed his own wedding and started running background checks.

Will went to Agamyaa’s house umptienth times, everytime he thought he had come up with a breakthrough but it was all in vain. It was almost 15months now but he still wasn’t able to get to the truth of it. He felt helpless and agitated, he was disappointed in himself , and his family was also starting to get skeptic at this obsession , they were not able to understand why he would go on and on singing the same song, even when the police have ruled it as a suicide. One fine morning Will felt helpless and was convinced by his family to give up on this case, but wanted to visit her grave one last time .He read what was written in her grave stone, “It’s not always happy endings afterall”, this clicked something in his mind and he went on to check some files on her case again, there was something missing in those, he went back to her place to search for it and found the diary he was looking for and some unfinished letters behind the attic, he went on to read those and was shocked at what he discovered……!

My death Note                                                            

I never want the world to know the reason behind my death, for when they know they might as well be ashamed of their existence, but it’s more likely that they might find ways to still be existing as their own selves, those SHAMELESS VULTURES”. They knw how to use anything and everything, because for them their is no difference in a dead body and a prop and they could still find ample ways to consider my body too as one,with tears at one time and shamlessness at the very same time.. he kept on reading!!

He was ashamed to read the whole letter, he realised how loneliness and depression took Agamyaa’s life, he realised he was not wrong…it was afterall a murder……….and they were all to be blamed for it, for they all chose their busy lives over someone’s Mental health and well being. Will finally realised why he was so obsessed with this case and why he wanted justice for his neighbour, for he wanted to make a change.

20years later Will’s daughter found these letters and diary, she read about the lady who changed a lot in everyone’s lives…….!!

Will and Abigail now run an NGO, which helps people with mental health issues to come forward and find the help they need!

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Somethings unachieved are yet soo achieved in their own way!

And to my suprise I started my night duty yesterday with this beautiful and happy news!!

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The other half to my half🌈

Late miss Kalinda Singh, january 23rd, 1970- june 22nd, 2010 ,eternal love of Jake Willow, it read, and Alice found all the answers to her questions, she now knew that he was already taken and respected that! It’s been 10 long years since that day, and he still doesn’t forget it all…………he now is a successful entrepreneur, a father to 2 kids whom he raised after they were abandoned by their birth parents.While he tries to be busy with a happily ever after life, he’s still haunted by those memories from the past, which take him to a flashback to that day all over again!

“Hlo, can you please give me these flowers miss…….” , seeing her face his lips stumbled and words fumbled. He could not understand it all, she seemed like a woman, even looked like one but there was still something different!!

Kalinda was different, she was an Indian whose parents now settled in the US, born on a rainy night, she was an only child to her parents who refused to accept her reality and abandoned her. She was brought up by The Saint Mary’s nuns, who raised her just right to be a lady!!

Jake’s looks made her embarrassed, but he was helpless……it was the very first time he had seen somebody soo beautiful yet so different. She had hair like silk that run down her cheeks, her ruby lips as pink as roses……..her eyes as bright as the sun and her hands firm as that of a man. He was very instilled by her looks and mesmerised by the glow of her presence!                                                    

Kalinda although still felt embarrassed, and thought he was also judging her just like other people and he though a boy of nine, respected her and even enjoyed her presence, and from there on started to visit her everyday, she at first questioned it but then slowly started to enjoy it too!

They shared a bond too different to be defined by words, he would share everything he couldn’t say to anybody else with her and she out of curiosity entertained his innocent desires by her presence, as he was the only one she had who would actually like her company. As days went by Jake grew older and fonder of her company, which now started to become a point of question for all, they started questioning and accusing her, as it was hard for them to accept the fact that a 35yr old transgender and a 18yr old boy could actually be friends, and Kalinda had no explanation for all this, and started to ignore him but Jake was firm in his decision that nothing could convince him to avoid Kalinda’s company or her friendship.

It was Jake’s graduation party, and he  had no partner to go with, his friends tried helping, but he was reluctant!!

In the end he finally went with one of his batch mates, she thought it to be something special and started having expectations, but it all turned out to be different as whenever he tried to be around her all he could think of was Kalinda, and he finally realised, he had the answer to Kalinda’s question, about who she was to him and what was their relationship. And he rushed to her place to finally confess his love for her, but by the time he reached there, it was too late!

He saw her gone away too far in front of his eyes, piece by piece his soul mate was gone too far before he realised, the only thing he could remember was why Kalinda feared what people thought of her and of this bond they shared, for she knew that these people had the courage and power to break them apart. Kalinda was found dead in her house, for she couldn’t bear the shame of being questioned by people as to how she could fall in love, like she really owed them any explanation, an explanation that she never had!

He used to visit that place, again and again, for he knew he couldn’t find courage to visit her grave but today, after 20 long years of wait he is finally having the courage to stand at her grave and rejoice her presence by the beautiful winds embracing him deeply yet gently, today he can lay hand in hand with his lover, for he requested his son to mark his grave just by her side in his suicide note. Today, his promise to raise a good human life to her was complete, and they could finally be together for eternity owing nobody any explanation!

My message: Pride month by the lgbtq community, is to know who they are and to still know how to be proud of it, and since we humans are just figurative to imperfection, we are not the judge to question anybody of the way their life takes the turns, and we should not, so let’s just not! Happy pride month✌🌈🌈

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To be with you is all I pray!!

I pray the stars to let there stay, the presence of your holy bay, how hard I wanted to just say, could never find another way, to tell you how I let it all stray till I just found my very own way, to let you know of what I pray…..!

I pray to cry not for the day, to stay amidst this world so gay, with you being all so far away, I pray to cry not for such day, to take you so far away, with me being all so far away and you not being my holy bay

I pray to let there be no day, to make me and you so far away, I pray thy lord to let not stay, a day as such and us all far away

Always want to just say, to be with you is what I pray, to be with you is what I pray…………to let the death not come so gay, if it may to not make me and you far away is what I wanted to always say, is not wanting to be far away.

To be with you is all I pray, to be thy one is all I pray

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जिंदगी तो जिंदगी है, जिंदगी बस जिंदादिली है, क्योंकि जिंदगी ज़िंदादिलों से ही तो बनी है। कभी हर हफ्ते के आखिर में पापा से मिलने वाली उस पॉकेट मनी सी सुनहरी, तो कभी महीने के अंत में झांकते खर्चों की फेहरियत सी बड़ी है, क्योंकि जिंदगी तो जिंदगी है

कभी आलू के पकौड़ों की प्लेट सी भरी है, तो कभी चिप्स के पैकेट से निकलने वाली हवा सी लगती है, क्योंकि जिंदगी तो जिंदगी है
कभी माउंट ऐवरेस्ट के शिखर सी ऊंची तो कभी रजाई में ठंड से सिकुड़ी है, क्योंकि जिंदगी बस जिंदगी है

कभी टॉफी चॉकलेट की खट्टी मीठी यादों से बनी,तो कभी 7-कोर्स मील सी नखरिली है, क्योंकि जिंदगी तो जिंदगी है

कहीं भूखे पेट की नींदों से उजड़ी है, तो कहीं भर पेट भी बेचैनी से बंधी है कहीं रूखे सूखे में भी सीना तान के खड़ी है, तो कहीं आशियानों के बोझ तले दबी है, क्योंकि जिंदगी तो जिंदगी है।

कहीं हार में भी हिम्मत से बंधी है, तो कहीं जीत कर भी झुकी झुकी है, क्योंकि जिंदगी तो जिंदगी है

कहीं चाट की चटपटी कटोरी , तो कहीं कड़वे नीम की डली है, पर जिंदगी ये फिर भी मिसरी सी मीठी है। कहीं टूटने पर भी हिम्मत बांधती है, तो कभी हार जाने पर गुनहगार जताती है, जिंदगी फिर भी जिंदगी है

कभी कॉफी के भरे कप सा याराना दिखाती है, तो कहीं मेरे फ्रेंड्स की शॉपिंग लिस्ट सी छोटी है, पर जिंदगी तो आखिर जिंदगी है कभी गुजरे पल की यादों सी मीठी, कभी आसुओं की नमी सी नमकीन है, क्योंकि ये तो मेरी जिंदगी है और यही तेरी जिंदगी है, और जिंदगी आज भी जिंदादिली से है।

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A hut…….!

“Love, cannot surely be the simplest of feelings of course, but love is yet the most desired of all the feelings anyway………..he dared to exclaim through expression and actions, so simple yet so deep to be denied or neglected……….and so respectful in reality,” said the book’s introduction. She was impressed by the book’s cover, but reading this she dropped the book back on the shelf and left the shop, for work.

“I wouldn’t wish to inconvenience you or suspend any pleasure of yours, for I would rather hope to have it all to me instead”, he exclaimed helping her with the big bunch of files in her hand and she with a shock in her eyes and yet an acceptance in her inside, stared as he left her side. Accounts such as these were surely a pure astonishment to her indeed, but all she could do anyway was to not befriend any unfriendly intention at this moment, and such she did!

This was obviously not their first encounter, but surely the first actual encounter. He was amongst the leading entrepreneurs of the country and she being an aspiring business student, out of curiosity had known so much of his professional attires through media and news, but all that she saw and heard today was astonishing and yet she wasn’t in any possible state to deny it all. 

She was new in the fraternity, a straightforward, hardworking person with a dominant and leading personality, and all she cared for was hard work and accomplishments. Her quiet nature and tyrant attitude were a contrast to her hard-working nature, for which she was often praised and appreciated. And it was only 3 months since her joining that she might soon be given a promotion for all that the company could benefit from her creative mind and hard-working attitude. 

“It’s two weeks since the BKM corporation project’s tender was out, we are throwing a success party to celebrate our successful journey with BKM corporations Pvt Ltd, tonight is a day for celebrations and to mark success”, the notice read with her name as the head who will be leading the project. He read it with cold lips, but a smiling heart. It’s been almost 4 months since they first met officially, their eyes said so much and yet words were often scarce. They had a thunderstorm of thoughts rushing in their inside whenever their paths crossed and yet they never spoke, ever since that very day. 

The party started and guests began to join in, soon after all the hush bush, the MD called her upon and introduced her to the crowd, it was the day of celebrations for her.

She had come too far and just in hope for such a day and it was all finally here, everybody came closer and started to congratulate her, but her eyes were empty. It wasn’t too late before, one of the guests noticed a ring in her ring finger and grabbed the opportunity to congratulate her, it was a reminder to her empty eyes and not so empty life, and just then, he joined in too with a lady in a green saree and a little boy. She guessed it in an instant though as to who they were. Their paths crossed, eyes met and all that was never said was finally said. 

Soon after the party was about to get over and almost all the guests had left, it was only work people all around……..they crossed paths again, near the lift. He offered her a drink, and she accepted it…….they drank and sat together all night, and never said a word and soon fell asleep in each other’s arms. The daylight fell on her face, and he tried preventing it by covering her with his coat. He got up, kept a note by her side and left.                

She woke up and realised what happened the previous night, and a rush of confusing emotions under her breath. She noticed that he was not there, saw a note in the pocket of the coat, picked up the note and read, ” I saw you, on a rainy day, on the road the very first time, you were but all trying to protect your books from the rain, as you ran under a shed. I was mesmerized by the charm in your eyes, and I owed you respect for a lifetime, for all that you had in your eyes to get to your dreams reminded me a lot about myself 10 years ago, standing right there under that same shed and of the efforts I had done to reach here. It was that instant that made me realise how alike we are and yet how distant we are………! Tonight was special for you, I could read it in your eyes, and it was special to me too………… for it was nice talking to you after all! I wish you all the happiness in life.” His name was signed under, and with an expressionless sigh on her face, but a smiling heart she too left. On her way back she grabbed that same book and went home smiling.

All that was left behind was the poster of ” A hut” under which they shared so much the world wouldn’t see!  

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